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Location: Shiraz
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Incubator Large capacity incubator We have different large incubators to show you. If you need to hatch less than 20,000 eggs, generally choose a 2-in-1 large incubator. This equipment consists of a machine for hatching chick seedlings. For eggs under 20,000, our independent large-scale incubators, including setters and hatcher machines, can give eggs a higher hatchability. Safeguard your egg hatching. For Separate Incubator The types of Large capacity incubator ors can be divided into two types: coal and electricity and only electricity. Both types of machines include small incubators, pigeon incubators, chick incubators, rare bird Large capacity incubator ors, duck egg incubators, small automatic incubators, and small automatic incubators. All-in-one machine, all products are fully controlled by microcomputer. The hatching and hatching equipment produced by the company has the following types: ventilation Natural ventilation and power ventilation, small ones are mostly plane natural ventilation, and medium and large ones are mostly natural ventilation plus power ventilation. Top blowing type, box wall type on both sides. Heating method Electricity, coal. Coal and electricity, gas, biogas, solar energy, geothermal (hot spring), diesel and charcoal, etc. structure Box wall type, integral type, assembled type (combination type). machine type Large capacity incubator, hatching machine, hatching and hatching integrated machine, hatching side-out type. computer control system Adopt Japanese high-quality control system, big company and big brand, high guarantee Suitable for 2 in 1 large incubators The following details the differences between the two machines The first is a two-in-one large incubator This Large capacity incubator has a high degree of professionalism. Its internal microprocessor and electronic control system are all the latest. This large incubator machine uses the latest Japanese processor, with great control and strong anti-interference ability. The main advantages are 1. Box body is assembled with color steel plate, beautiful and generous appearance. 2. Hatching chicks automatic all-in-one machine, hatching chicks in batches. The incubator The incubator 3. Imported temperature and humidity sensor, reliable and accurate temperature and humidity control. 4. Scientific circulation ventilation system. 5. Stable and reliable automatic egg turning mechanism, manual and automatic users can choose. 6. Advanced ultrasonic atomizing head makes humidity more stable. 7. Matching egg plate, out of the young plate (chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, pheasant, native chicken, wild duck, Turkey, goose, peacock egg plate optional) SERVICE Basic Hatchery Design Installation Direction Hatchery Training Embryology OUR CUSTOMERIncubator website:http://www.guomao-industrypoultry.com/incubator/